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What you'll find here

Most of these typefaces have a large Unicode repertoire outside the basic Latin range, including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, math symbols, dingbats, and emoticons.

Unicode should have a triquetra. Don't you agree? ☺ Several of these designs have one at U+E002.

Blackletter / Display / Fantasy

Sans-serif / Gothic


Updates and contributions

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Fonts you may like

The following designs are others' creations that I find useful or unique in some way. If you're looking for something different from your system's defaults, these are worth a look. Most of these faces are free.


Blackletter faces don't get much use, but they're interesting!




Cursive / Hand / Script

Decorative / Display / Fantasy

Display faces don't see much usage either, but they are fun! Mostly useful just for titling, but a few could be used for body text as well.


Sans-serif / Gothic


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🕲 Please don't pirate fonts. Just because you found a download on Random Site X does not necessarily mean the designer is giving it away. Download only from legitimate sources. If you appreciate the skill and effort that went into these creations, support their creators by buying their commercial offerings.


Fonts marked "🆓" are available gratis at least for personal use. Fonts marked "🗽" are available gratis and libre, under the Open Font License or similar. Faces with "💰" have commercial versions as well. Monospaced fonts are marked with "M". Personal favorites are denoted with "🏆".

Last updated 05 Jun 2016.